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NEW ALBUM, 23 February


The new album: Circle-O-Zero will be released in February 23. This is the fourth album in the Fraise history. A digital distrubition on Spotify, Itunes... but also a physical distrubition to all cd lovers out there.

The website is under construction.



Release date: 9 Feb-2004


Jesper Max - vocals

Anders Karlsson - Guitar

Håkan Ivarsson - Keyboard

Simon Lindholm - Bass

Patrick Fransson - Drums


Release date: 15 okt-2007



Ola Hedman - Vocals

Christian Doyle - Guitar

Svante Widerström - Bass

Håkan Ivarsson - Keyboard

Patrick Fransson - Drums


Release date: 25 Jan-2014



Ola Hedman - Vocals, Bass, Keyboard, Aucostic guitar

Christian Doyle - Guitars

Patrick Fransson - Drums

Guest musicans:

"Johan Davidsson & Gunnar Hård af Segerstad


Release date: 23 Feb-2017


Line up:

Staffan Ericson - Vocals

Ola Mauritz - Keyboards

Fredrik Falkerstedt - Guitars

Simon Lindholm - Bass

Patrick Fransson - Drums



We are now in the final stages of the new Fraise album. This is the fourth album in the Fraise history and also the best album on all levels.

It will be a digital distrubition on Spotify, Itunes, wimp and so on, but also a physical distrubition via email from our website.

We also have a new line up with both old and new faces:

Staffan Ericson - Vocals

Fredrik Falkertedt - Guitars

Ola Mauritz - Keyboard

Simon Lindholm - Bass

Patrick Fransson - Drums

Thanks to all loyal listeners out there, you make this possible.

More information coming soon...


Since "Siamese Conspiracy" was released in 2014 there has been a lot of emails from people all over the world, especially from Germany, Netherlands, France, Greece and Australia of really good responses, requests to buy Fraise CD, interviews in fanzines online, people who wondering whats going on etc.


A huge thank you to everyone who listens to Fraise music in different ways and a special thanks to all of you who bought the discs through the years, this means that we can do it again.


I tell you this, there are lot of really good new Fraise ideas that are being put together, and of course a new line-up with both old and new faces.


You can check out all the download sites like, Spotify, Wimp, iTunes and so on.


You can also buy your own CD, just in case to complete your collection.


We had now updating our Myspace webpage... You can find some more song from the "Siamese conspiracy" album.


Now you can choose if you want to see a mobile adapted version in your mobile or if you choose the ordinary web.


A new album is coming after a long time of waiting, but will now be released 25/1-2014.


This time it will only be a digital distrubition and we have a great cooperation with Distrosong AB, which will launch the album at all download sites.



Siamese Conspiracy

I will say that there are a few moments where the band breaks free of its groove and unleashes material I’d deem a little more impressive. “Salvation”, despite beginning as a ballad, evolves into an involving mini-epic with majestic vocal lines and guitar progressions. There’s a cool approach to dynamicism in this one, and it’s an element of the band I feel that, with further focus, could really set it apart. “Generation Dollar” is surprisingly vitriolic, and stands as a rare example of modern ideals transferred to the power metal medium in a very competent fashion. I quite like how clean guitar lines are played over the pummelling rhythm assault, giving the song its rather unique identity, and again helping to set it apart from the more vanilla numbers on the album....


Fraise har bra driv och tyngd i sin power metal. Tankarna går ganska omgående till Nocturnal Rites. Inte minst sångaren Ola Hedman har en melodiös strävhet som påminner om Jonny Lindqvist från nämnda band.........

....RATING : 18/20 on spiritofmetal...


A New Beginning

Dieses aus Alingsas stammende Quintett konnte schon für das im Jahre 2004 veröffentlichte Debüt "Hellicornia" reichlich positives Feedback einfahren und auch wenn der Truppe keineswegs für innovative Musik gratuliert werden konnte, so haben FRAISE sehr wohl Lob für ihre starken Songs erhalten und genau das wird den fünf Jungs auch für "A New Beginning" widerfahren......



Ik zit aardig in het power metalwereldje, maar van Fraise had ik nog nooit gehoord. Toch is dit volgens de bio al het tweede album van deze Zweden. Een volwaardig album van twaalf nummer aan power metal krijg ik voor mijn kiezen, maar na de releases van Mystic Prophecy...



Just about every song on 'A new beginning' is terrific, but I will single out track 5 "Sign of victory" as my personal favorite. The CD is filled with catchy guitar work, cool guitar solos and sing-a-long choruses though, and I truly like the entire CD. Therefore, I don't have anything negative to say, although I'm not blown away by 'A new beginning', as this style has been done before (obviously), as evident by the large list of comparisons at the beginning of the review. Still, this is highly recommended to fans of melodic power metal and this is certainly a band to watch out for. 4/5




By listening the first notes of the debut album of Fraise “Hellicornia ” one could realize that it is an interesting mixture of Power - Heavy Metal. The first track is an Intro. The second song “Set Us Free” is quick and rapid. “Fight With Fire” is slower but heavier. “Ice Cold” is distinguished by the power vocals. “July” is an Epic Ballad...



Om jag skulle räkna upp alla låtar som är värda att nämnas, skulle jag räkna upp allihopa - för detta är en klockren skiva och den håller för ett antal genomlyssningar. Låt säga så här: jag är nog snart inne på min tjugonde lyssning, minst (!) och den blir bara bättre. Nåväl, någon låt får jag väl nämna - "Saratoga" är en riktigt, riktigt bra låt ....



We’re moving to Sweden once again where we can find another new sensational band called FRAISE. Without a doubt, their debut CD ‘Hellicornia’ is a fantastic Melodic Metal Masterpiece that fits perfectly between NOCTURNAL RITES, WOLF and DREAM EVIL, so this is definitely high quality stuff. 10 songs are included, and not only the music is sensational, but also the production is big-time, so we can easily call this a highly recommended band...

strutter magazine





Fraise is an metal project from Alingsås in the west part of Sweden.

It started back in 2002 when Patrick Fransson recorded some songs when the project take place.

Patrick has previously played in bands like Cathedral, Blue Orange, Velvet Crash and punkrockers Räserbajs.


2004 released " Hellicornia ", self-produced album, it attracted members from different bands. Simon Lindholm on bass, Anders Karlsson-Guitars, Håkan Ivarsson-keyboard and Jesper Max on vocals. The album received overwhelming critical acclaim.

The band performed a handful of gigs in Sweden and a German tour company showed interest in a small European tour and also a Swedish record label. But Jesper stay out from rehearsals gigs where booked, so the band had to cancel sometimes resulting in both negotiations fizzled out.

Guitarist Anders Karlsson went back to his old band Haze and was replaced by Christian Doyle.

It was a long time without singer between 2005 & 2006 when they received a tip about Jimmie Nielsson, who temporarily stepped in and performed a gig but soon thereafter was replaced permanently by Ola Hedman.


The recording of the second album, "A new beginning" started and was released in the fall of 2007, and it also did a handful of gigs including Trägårn in Gothenburg.

The band had then kicked keyboardplayer Håkan Ivarsson.

The release of the album was made by CD Baby (U.S.A.)


Two years later, the recording of the third album "Siamese Conspiracy" where even Ola and Christian were involved in the songwriting that previously had been left to Patrick.

After all guitars were recorded Christian declared that he was forced to drop out because of their eczema. To bring in a new guitarist and re-recorded all guitars again would take too long. And Christian had done a great guitar work as well.

A decision to keep Christians guitars but some of the solos were played by Gunnar Hard af Segerstad (Disdain) as new prospective guitarist.

Svante Widerström who placed the base of the two songs had increasingly begun to engage with his own band Arbogast, so Svante had to jump off and the bass was recorded about Ola himself who also plays acoustic guitar and keyboards on the record.

Simon Lindholm was available for Fraise choice was obvious, Simon who played on the debut album "Hellicornia".

The band was now full strength when Gunnar felt that the music was not quite in line with what he wanted to play guitar so the search started again ...

They invited several guitarists but no one seemed to scratch enough. The album "Siamese Conspiracy" had now been finished for a while and in 2014 it was decided to release. When the process has been so protracted, Ola Hedman lost motivation which came with a drop off.

Fraise made a big distribution deal with Distrosong AB and release their third album "Siamese conspiracy"


After a while, when the "Siamese conspiracy" album was released began new good ideas grow, with all the good feedback in the suitcase from fans all over the world, great reviews, interviews to webb magazine and so on, it was a duty to record something new.

Old time metal friend Fredrik Falkerstedt took care of six-string ax instead of Gunnar and Staffan Ericson was definitely the right person to grab microphone.

Simon Lindholm has always been in the background as a bass player and ready to rock when Svante quit.

A request to keyboardist Ola Mauritz been asked to participate in the new production, and after a few listens to the new songs they never hesitated to make a new recording.

With strong new material, a new fresh sound and a really good strong line-up started the recording of the fourth album titled: Circle-O-Zero with release in February 2017.

A worldwide effort with the previous distributions company Distrosong makes it possible to reach out to all the download sites. Even printed discs to reach out to the stores, in the time of writing, only order via Fraise website.


What happens in the future, only time will tell.